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The Value in Cobalt

No Native Cobalt has ever been found in nature
There are four widely distributed cobalt ore deposits that exist but almost no cobalt has been mined from them as a primary source.

Most Cobalt Production is mined as a bi-product
This means it is hard to expand cobalt production when more is needed.

Most global production occurs in the DRC
The Democratic Republic of Congo is known for it’s elevated supply risks


The Big Need for Cobalt

The EV Industry’s Gigafactories need a reliable source of Cobalt meeting manufacturing requirements to avoid shortages and failures in the supply chain. Currently, there is a decreasing usage of gas an diesel engines with various government bans taking place. These bans are driving the adoption rate for e-transportation, thus increasing the need for battery production.


Cobalt Price - $36.97 USD/lb - 8 Feb '18